My plastic confession . . .


I have a deep, dark secret.

It flies in the face of the values I hold most dearly. And it lurks in a cupboard beneath the kitchen sink.

Right now I can’t even close the door properly because this deep, dark secret is threatening to reveal itself.

So I will get in first.

Deep breath. My secret shame is an all-too-extensive collection of . . . plastic bags.

I never meant it to go this far. They just . . . accrued.

It started out with a few here and a few there and before long the cupboards were bulging.

I’ve seen the pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, of turtles choking on plastic bags and rivers clogged with more of the same. I’ve even heard the stories of plastic nano-particles creeping back into the food chain and into our bodies.

I’ve wanted to change for years but this is the habit of a lifetime.

I own ‘green-bags’. I also have more of them than I need. I keep them in the car and by the front door and stacked beside the fridge.

And still I find myself standing at the supermarket check-out, slapping an open palm against my forehead and wishing I had a memory slightly greater than a goldfish.

And so, I sit before you and pledge that I WILL use my green bags. I WILL remember to carry them from the car to the supermarket and I WILL do my bit for a cleaner planet.

Can someone just remind me when I get to the shops?



2 responses »

  1. We also have an enormous stash of plastic bags. I too get to the supermarket check-out every single time without my green bags (and pink bags – bought because I thought it might help my daughters to remind me). You are not alone… And good luck!

  2. Yes, I think the cashier’s should give you time to run out to your car to get the bags that you are determined to re-use. I have a stack in my trunk.

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