Same, same . . . but different


Do you remember your high school days, when you dreamed of standing out in the crowd?

The only way to do it was to buy the same clothes as everyone else, wear the same make-up, hang out at the same places and revel in your ground-breaking same-ness.

I thought those days were over until a recent trip to my neighbourhood shopping centre.

I arrived just in time to encounter . . . the sporting mums.

Clad in their three-quarter leggings and brand-name sporty tees, they could have stepped straight from the pages of a Lorna Jane catalogue.

They moved in synch, commanding the greater part of the footpath and chattering at volume for the benefit of anyone in ear-shot.

They had just finished a step class then stopped off at the nearby coffee shop for a mocha-chocka-what-the before climbing into their matching silver SVU’s for the short trip to their matching suburban homes.

Okay, so I’m not sure about the contents of their paper mugs or their matching houses.

But the moment gave me flashbacks and the urge to break out and do something different even if it embarrasses my kids – especially if it embarrasses my kids.


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  1. Oh those high school days!!!! I remember them well. Although we didn’t “conform” to the norm I think we are better people for it – we are resilient and resourceful. I count myself glad to have to been a part of “your crowd”…..x

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