The mutiny is on!


Last Sunday the mutiny occurred.

It was an afternoon like any other. The kids had been fed. Their afternoon was organised. I was full of relaxed confidence.

And then . . . there was silence.

Another mum might have reacted sooner. It wasn’t until I spied the paint brushes that I realised something was out of order.

They’d been warned. But like so many times before, the younger pair had chosen to do what they wanted anyway.

Harsh words were spoken before big sister announced:

“That’s it! I’m packing my bags.”

It’s not the first time this threat has been made so I wasn’t tripping over myself to stop her. That is, until some minutes later I heard another, younger voice pipe up:

“Will I need undies?”

It was time to step in. The lecture followed a well trodden path, but little did I know big sister had already convinced her younger brother that he would need to find work in the big, wide world in order to support them.

A few minutes later, I looked out the front window to see him standing at the bottom of the drive with an arm full of magazines ready to become a catalogue delivery person. His eldest sister had joined the party but was ready to reassure when I launched out the front door.

“It’s okay, mum,” she said. “We’ve got our shoes on.”

Never mind the road, the traffic, the unknown neighbours. At least their feet were safe.

I guess I’ve taught them something.


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