Hello, Paul Henry . . . and goodbye


Alas, the time we’ve shared has been brief. Less than a year. But, oh, the memories.

Since February, with the launch of ‘Breakfast’, you’ve brought a unique spin to the world of early morning television.

Sometimes screwball, sometimes rude, often cheeky and regularly controversial – you have been a shining light amongst breakfast hosts.

You gave us an alternative to the saccharine schmaltz dealt out daily on one opposing station and the whiffy cheese approach dished up by another.

When one channel was waxing lyrical in a sea of political correctness, you were cheerfully taking a swipe, having a dig and rolling out your own unique style of commentary.

While the other stations were laughing too long and too hard at their own jokes, you were making TV worth watching.

Along with your fabulous foil, one Kathryn Robinson, you gave us thought provoking, self-deriding, rebellious TV. What a way to start the day!

I didn’t always agree with your point of view, but with that delivery I couldn’t help but smile.

So what do I do now that the landscape of breakfast television has changed forever?

I can’t go back to the way things were before. I think a little part of me might die if I’m forced to watch another minute of those other TV hosts cooing and drooling over themselves and each other.

Come back, Paul Henry. Don’t cross the ditch. There must be another way!



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