White hi-tops and lost love . . .

English: Richard Dean Anderson on the set of &...

English: Richard Dean Anderson on the set of “MacGyver” in British Columbia, Canada, circa 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the retro-crush that keeps me glued to the idiot box six days a week, month after month.

MacGyver (yes, I heard you sigh) is being replayed Monday through Saturday, 2pm til 3pm, attracting a whole new generation of admirers and reigniting the passion of a few older ones.

Ah, the things he could do with a roll of duct tape and a piece of string. Adversity was just an opportunity. The brink of disaster was merely a stage to show off his survival skills.

He was the ultimate in multi-layered, unattainable, slightly reluctant, roguish heroes – equal parts crusader, daredevil and deep-thinker (sigh).

No-one wore a mullet with such ease and aplomb.

But there was one thing I always wondered about – those white hi-tops.

Yes, they were the fashion of the day, and lord knows Richard Dean Anderson could make anything look good. But they stood out like a penguin in the desert. Their luminous glow would surely have given him away.

But that’s enough of that. I can’t doubt MacGyver’s integrity (fashion or otherwise) for long. I have too much respect for his unending talent with wires, mirrors, lasers, light bulbs and paper clips.

The man could do anything. And six days a week, he proves it!


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