Boomerang bureaucracy . . .


It’s bureaucracy gone mad. MAD I tell you! Why would a chain of supermarkets be so anti-boomerangs?

And why has no-one spoken up until now?

The signs have been there for a while. But I just can’t figure out why you would ban something that has never even happened. I mean, when was the last time you saw a boomerang being thrown in a supermarket car park?

Yes, I agree, there is the risk of damage to vehicles, individuals and possibly lamp posts. But all in all, it’s a pretty harmless sport, especially after some practice. And where better to practice than a wide open supermarket car park? They’re meant to come back, right? If you’re good at it, that boomerang won’t hit anything except the palm of your hand.

And in this day and age of over-eating, under-exercising and over-thinking, I would have thought a little car park sport would be welcomed.

It’s safer than trolley racing, more fun that gutter balancing and just as skilful as dodging cars driven by hunger-crazed motorists whose only thought is to get home and tuck into that box of Tim Tams they’ve hidden at the bottom of their green bag. I’ve been there. I understand your pain.

Some may call it pro-active. I beg to differ.Snettisham, Norfolk - No right turn sign

Even my five-year old has an opinion on this. He’s tugging at my sleeve as I fume at the sign before me.

“It’s not a boomerang, Mum. It’s a traffic sign. You can’t turn here.”


So boomerang throwing isn’t banned in car parks? Hmm. Perhaps we should try it.


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  1. Isn’t it embarrassing when our kids understand the world better than we adults! I agree with you the sign looks more like a boomerang than a turn arrow. Loved your article. I posted it to my fb page.

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