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A dose of fashion nostalgia


I have a request for any designer folk out there. If it’s within your power please, please bring back the safari suit.

They say that fashions come around again and I’m counting on it. The safari suit ticks so many boxes I can scarcely believe it went out of fashion at all.

Firstly – all those pockets. Any parent will tell you they never have enough pockets for everything they need. By the time you load up with snacks, drinks, Matchbox cars, band aids, tissues, hand-wipes, bribes, the rock collection a certain someone wouldn’t leave home without, a hair-brush, sunscreen, lip balm, I-pod, phone and the obligatory kitchen sink . . . there’s simply not a spot to spare for any extras.

Secondly – it makes sense. This is a suit that tips its colour co-ordinated safari hat to the corporate and leisure worlds. How many outfits could take you from tropical oasis to boardroom as easily as a safari suit? With its short sleeves and shorter shorts, it’s office wear ideal for the long hot summer.

Thirdly – and perhaps most delightfully – a ready supply of safari suits is already at hand. The racks at local op-shops are bending low under the weight of abandoned polyester making this a fashion that could leap back to life with only the tiniest of nudges.

Wear it with a touch of nostalgia, a hint of irony or an oblivious air of practicality and common sense. But wear it with pride (and the knowledge that whatever you or your child needs – it’s there, stashed in a pocket somewhere).