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It’s never too late . . .


No bills, no worries, no doubts – kids really do have it good!

Do you remember the days when you could skip down the street just because you were happy? No-one looked twice and if they did, it was only because you’d reminded them what it was like to be a care-free kid.

Library fees didn’t exist. The school library was just happy to see the books returned even if they were a few months late.

And the thought of guilt being attached to dessert was simply unheard of. I mean, really, the only reason we ate our dinner was to get dessert.

So, in honour of my unappreciated youth, I have compiled a list of things I haven’t done in a while. If you think of some others, feel free to add your own.

  1. I haven’t left the house in my pyjamas.
  2. I haven’t eaten a whole bag of lollies just because it was there and without fear of a sugar high.
  3. I haven’t been brave enough to return an old law handbook that I borrowed back in 1997. I’m concerned they may have some legal comeback if I remind them about it now.
  4. I haven’t cleaned under the couch in recent memory. If the kids didn’t dump their rubbish there, it wouldn’t be an issue.
  5. I haven’t ordered dessert instead of dinner when I’ve been out to a restaurant.
  6. I haven’t asked for the haircut I actually want. This is a whole can of self-esteem worms we don’t want to open.
  7. I haven’t paid the phone bill on time for the longest time. An extra day won’t spark a worldwide economic collapse. Or will it?
  8. I haven’t ignored Facebook for any more than a week since I signed up. I am a teeny tiny bit addicted.
  9. I haven’t sung out loud for fear of someone hearing for a very long time.
  10. And I haven’t climbed a tree just for the heck of it.

But the day is young . . .


A sporting dream sidelined . . .


It’s finally dawned on me. I’ll never be an elite athlete.

It seems the clock has ticked, the back has sticked, the knees are wricked and my sporting career is flicked.

It’s a sad day. Maybe others saw it coming.

But I’m sitting here in my ergonomic chair with the computer screen magnified to 120 per cent waiting for the aspirin to kick in and wondering where the time went.

In my youth (wasted though it was) I loved sport. Just not the sports my parents signed me up for.

To clarify. I loved solo sports – cycling, running . . . even swimming (so long as I never had to put my face in the water). Thank god for backstroke.

But the options now have narrowed.

Lawn bowls? No. Archery? Uh uh. Dog-sledding. Is that even a sport? The answer’s still no.

They say running after kids is its own form of fitness. But when they spend their spare time playing computer games, watching DVDs or howling in their bedrooms because getting along is just not an option, well, there’s just not that much running to do.

So much easier to just reach into the pantry, snuffle the treats you don’t want the kids to get and work off the guilt later in a flurry of housework.

Anyway. I’m off. I could walk to school to pick up the kids, but I think I’ll drive. If my sporting career is over, there’s not much point aggravating that pesky apathy injury.